RaceTrack Bridgeton Gulf

Establishment and gas station at 723 London Road, Glasgow, Glasgow, GLG G40 3AS, UK. Here you will find detailed information about RaceTrack Bridgeton Gulf: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


Establishment   Gas station  

723 London Road
Glasgow City G40 3AS
United Kingdom
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+44 141 258 4160


Opening hours

Sunday 06:00am — 10:00pm
Monday 06:00am — 10:00pm
Tuesday 06:00am — 10:00pm
Wednesday 06:00am — 10:00pm
Thursday 06:00am — 10:00pm
Friday 06:00am — 10:00pm
Saturday 06:00am — 10:00pm

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Reviews of RaceTrack Bridgeton Gulf

    Notgivingoutmyname Added June 30, 2019
    The worst place I have ever worked I worked a shift with no pay as a trial after successfully completing that I was asked to come in & start part time I did one shift in the place & made 1 mistake on the till and was sacked and they had the cheek not even to pay me slave labour that’s what they want in this establishment they want you to work like a dog but without getting any pay. Wouldn’t recommend this place in a million years even to my worst enemy No way. 
    Anne-marie Gallacher Added June 30, 2019
    Absolutely terrible place to work wouldn’t recommend even if you where desperate honestly check out the reviews above there is no one who has worked here ever given the slightest good review it’s all bad. Work here at your peril. 

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